8w6d babymoon

J surprised me with a trip to the Cayman Islands this weekend!  Baby Z and I are packing up for a long weekend in tropical paradise.  This is the first time that I’ll be traveling while pregnant, so I’m a wee bit nervous.  For one, there will be no food served on our flight from New York to Miami, nor from Miami to the Cayman Islands.  Say wut?!  I remember the days in which a half hour flight from NYC to Philly gets you at least a sandwich and a handful of peanuts.  The good old days.  I was also a little nervous about airport body scanners and radiation, but I just read this article on the screening machines, and apparently they are no more dangerous than using my hairdryer every morning.  Good to know.

So Baby Z, you’re off on your first flight!  Yay!


2 responses

  1. Always pack extra food in your purse while you are pregnant, cuz baby Z can always use some snacks! Especially when your are traveling !

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