9w1d morning or motion sickness?

I know I was just bragging about the fact that I have not experienced any morning sickness or nausea so far in my pregnancy, but as usual, I spoke too soon.  On my way to the airport two days ago, I almost barfed all over the backseat of my taxi. Almost.  It was the longest 40 minute cab ride of my life.  I barely had time to throw a few bills at the driver before running for the airport bathroom.  I almost made it to the toilet.


I spent the next hour at the airport nursing a can of overpriced Ginger Ale and hiding from the airport bathroom cleaning ladies (I’m sorry!).  Thank goodness, my stomach settled a bit before I had to check into the flight, or else I’m pretty sure airport security would’ve sent me packing back home.

Was it morning sickness or motion sickness that set off my barf alarm?  Is it possible to only get occasional morning sickness?

Either way, I hope that never happens again.


2 responses

  1. go to wal-mart or target or wegmans to get Seaband to wear on your wrist to stop/prevent the motion/morning sickness. It works for me. google it, you will see how it works.

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