9w5d Happy July 4th!

Today is July 4th, and J and I thought we’d try to take our first born to the lake to do a little bit of swimming.  Being a true city pup, Henry has never been near large bodies of water for us to know whether or not he knows how to swim.  Before you say, “But of course all dogs can swim!” – you would not make that assumption if you knew our dog.  For the two years since Henry has joined our family, he has never once demonstrated any proficiency at any doggy activity.  He can’t find his treats unless we put them right under his nose (bad sense of smell), sometimes he runs into the walls of our apartment (terrible eye sight), both J and I can out run him (slow runner), the pigeons on the sidewalk all know when he’s coming (zero hunting skills), he doesn’t bark at all unless it’s the pizza delivery man (not a guard dog), he can’t catch a tennis ball in his mouth to save his life (not an athlete), and he looks at flying frisbees with bafflement (Um, what do you want me to do with that?).

So given all the evidence, J and I were not very hopeful that our metrosexual dog could, much less be interested in, swimming.  But since it was so hot today and we had already rented a car for the week, we thought we’d give it a shot.  Plus, I love hiking.

We drove up to a dog friendly park in New Jersey and hiked an hour to the lake.  As expected, Henry sniffed around the edge of the lake and showed no inclination for getting in, even when dogs all around him were happily fetching balls and sticks from the water.  J, not one to give up easily, finally decided to pick up our dog and wade in with him in tow.  Pic below.  (Note the Labrador Retriever in the background swimming with a stick in his mouth while our dog needed to be carried and escorted out by his father).

As I watched J wade out while murmuring words of encouragement to our wimpy dog, I thought to myself:  Is that what we will be doing with Baby Z in a few years?  

The thought brought sentimental tears to my eyes. (What, I told you I cry easily these days).

Anyway, about four feet out into the lake, J gingerly lowered Henry into the water and we held our breath….

And Henry swam!!  Our baby can swim!  Granted, he swam a total distance of maybe 3 feet and it was back to the shore, but he did it!

We couldn’t have been more proud.  Congratulations Henners!  Daddy and I are so proud of you. We can’t wait until you can teach your new little brother or little sister how to “doggy paddle”.  Har har.

Happy fourth of July!


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