10w5d Dear Baby Z

Dear Baby Z,

You are almost 12 weeks old today!  Your Dad is so excited about your arrival that he went out and bought a red baby hat for you this weekend from Gap.  We both marveled at how teeny tiny the hat is…and worried that it may not fit your head, given that large heads run our family.  Hopefully Gap has a lenient return policy.

This week, as you are developing your fingers and toes (which we just can’t wait to tickle!), Mommy’s belly is getting noticeably rounder – or at least noticeable to me and your Dad.  Other than your grandparents, not many people know about your existence yet.  Dad and I love patting my belly at night knowing that for now, you’re our little precious secret that’s just between the two (three!) of us.  Sometimes, we talk about what we think you’ll be like – will you have your Dad’s laughing eyes and Mommy’s (smart) mouth?  Will you dislike the taste of celery (like your Dad) or hate the crunch of water chestnuts (like me)?  Will you love to eat (Dad) or love to cook (me)?  Will you have a passion for knowledge and facts (Dad) or a love for reading novels (me)?

All we do know is that no matter what you look like or whom you take after, you will always be beautiful and perfect to us.  (Unless you turn out to be a serial killer or a sociopath, your Dad wants me to add.)  You will learn as you grow older that love has a lot of faces to it, and it’s less what you look like but who you are inside that truly counts.  Our main wish is for you to grow up to be a kind, generous, fair-minded, and compassionate person, with a clear sense of who you are and the person you want to be.  (And hopefully it’s to be the first Asian-American Cy Young award winner,  your Dad wants me to add.)

There are so many things we can’t wait to discover about you and with you, and we’re both eager (Dad) and anxious (me) to start the next chapter of our lives with you in it.

Much love,


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