14w2d Baby Body Update

This week’s baby body stats:

*How far along: 15 weeks!  Two more weeks until we find out Baby Z’s gender!

*Weight: 120 pounds.  +1 since last week.

*How I’m feeling:  Surprisingly…pretty great!  The baby experts are right – I’m definitely starting to have more energy and feel less like a zombie now that I’m in my second trimester.  Although these days I’ve been getting less zzz’s for a whole new reason – the Summer 2012 Olympics!  Go US women’s gymnastics team!

*Cravings:  I had a serious craving for sushi earlier this week.  *Sob*  Oh spicy white tuna and avocado rolls, how I miss you.

*Emotions:  Still up and down.  I was really weepy at the beginning of the week – the Olympic commercials paying tribute to athletes’ mothers are not helping this mom stay dry-eyed.  But then who am I kidding?  These days I sob watching the Proactive infomercials.  Those poor girls with bad skin.

*Sleep:  Other than not getting enough of it because J and I both have Olympic fever, I’m totally out like a light the moment my head hits the pillow.  Still waking up to pee a lot though.  Sigh.

*Belly thoughts:  I’m enormous.  I know I said that my belly “popped out” last week, but now my belly has REALLY popped out.  I’ve been wearing my brand-new belly band every day this week and can no longer imagine life without it.  I’m hoping to put off buying maternity pants for as long as possible.

*Dreams:  Still having unpleasant dreams…and still mainly about Henry!  😦  A couple of nights ago I dreamed that Henry and I were lost in the woods (even though we live in Manhattan, for heaven’s sake.  What woods?).  Henry decided to leave me behind to join a wild wolf pack.  The traitor.

*Thought of the week:  Please Lord, please don’t let Baby Z turn out to be a douchebag (pardon my language) like Ryan Lochte.  I really don’t want to go on national television just to say, “My son only has time for one night stands.”  Amen.

*Special Moments:  Earlier this week, when I was standing on a crowded subway train on my way to work, I heard the woman standing next to me say to her teenage son, “Can’t you see that lady is pregnant?  Get up and give your seat to her!”  Without missing a beat, I immediately sat down and was in the midst of saying “Thank you” — when I realized that there was a very, very obviously pregnant woman standing right next to where I was standing – and that was who the woman meant to give her son’s seat to…not me.   Red-faced and horrified, I got up and gave my seat to her while everyone looked at me as though I was insane for pretending to be pregnant.  I guess I’m not as obviously pregnant to the outside world as I think I am 😦


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