15w4d Mommy Ruminations

I haven’t been pregnant for very long, but from what I’ve observed and experienced so far of pregnancy, it is definitely a marathon, not a sprint.   And the journey is sometimes wonderful, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, and sometimes gross, but always 100% bewildering – at least for this Mom-to-be.

Here are a few random things I’ve been ruminating over this week:

    • My OB’s love life must seriously suck.  Seriously, being single and living in New York City is already difficult enough, but single, living in New York, AND a obstetrician?! *Shudder* The only men and women you’re likely to encounter all day are either married and/or expecting a child.  And I would imagine looking at babies coming out of women’s hoo-hahs all day can put a serious damper on your sex drive.  I’m not even sure if I want J to be anywhere near my lady parts during the birth of Baby Z, much less want either of us to witness “the miracle of life” over and over again, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The horror.
    • Why isn’t Mother’s Day called Labor Day instead?  It’s certainly more descriptive of the agony mothers have to go through to bring life to this planet.  
    • Having a baby is basically like handing over a blank check to society.  People and services try to sell first-time parents anything and everything – and parents almost always buy because we’ve convinced ourselves that the more we purchase, the better parents we are/will be. I recently had a friend of mine (a new mother) highly recommend to me a “half hour consultation with a car seat expert”.  Apparently, half an hour with this car seat whisperer would forever change the way you install a car seat and keep your baby securely fastened for life.  Sounds good, right?  The price tag for this half hour consultation?  $300.  Seriously?!  I’ve definitely been in the wrong profession.  Call me a negligent parent, but I can’t imagine installing a car seat to be so impossibly difficult that a thorough reading of an instructional manual and a few YouTube videos can’t solve.  I feel as though back in my parents’ day, folks just threw their babies in the backseat and hoped for the best. (Hmm, maybe that explains why I turned out this way…sh*t, now I have to hire the car seat whisperer.)
    • Why can’t they just make one stroller and one crib and call it a day?!  I’ve been doing a ton of research into baby strollers and cribs lately, and holy hell, I feel as though it was easier for me to select a college to attend!  Why are there so many options?  Do I want a stroller that allows me to add on if I have another child?  One with a reversible seat?  One with a reclining seat?  One that comes with a bassinet?  Car seat compatible?  Good sun protection?  Rain guard?  Ahhhh.   There are more choices than on the SATs.
    • I didn’t come up with this one, but I sure wish I had: “DIAPER spelled backwards is REPAID.”  Think about it.
    • People keep asking me what I’m craving…and what I really want to tell them is: I’M CRAVING NOT TO BE PREGNANT.  Does that make me a bad Mom already?
    • J and I have been getting a lot of birth announcements from our friends lately.  Is it wrong that every time I see a picture of a Mom proudly presenting her newborn, this image unfailingly comes to mind?


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