15w6d A rose by any other name…

J and I have been hesitant to put too much thought into Baby Z’s name because we want to wait until we find out Baby Z’s gender to really start brainstorming.  But of course, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been able to resist kicking around some possibilities.  It has become a nightly ritual for us to rattle off some names each night before falling asleep – call it our version of counting sheep.

Here are some of our top contenders:

If it’s a girl:

  • Chloe
  • Annabelle
  • Lillian (Lily)

If it’s a boy:

  • Theodore (Teddy)
  • Oliver
  • John
  • Lucas (Luke)
  • Thomas
  • Ethan

We are completely up in the air on these, so if anyone has a vote in favor of one or the other (or have additional suggestions), let us know!

We also need to come up with a Mandarin name for Baby Z.  J’s family is originally from China, and his family tree can be traced back to thousands and thousands of years ago according to the volumes of family ancestry that his family has meticulously documented for centuries.  There is a long-standing tradition in his family that the middle character of each generation’s Chinese name (whether the child is a boy or a girl) is dictated by a certain Chinese character.  (Chinese names typically consist of three Chinese characters – the first is the family name, and the second and third characters together form the child’s given name.)  For example, the middle character in J’s Chinese name is 忠 (pronounced “zhong”), which roughly translates to faithful/steadfast.  For Baby Z, he/she will have the middle character 良 (pronounced “liang”), which means good/virtuous.

Since J and I know virtually nothing about Chinese names, we’ve solicited our family members to help come up with some baby name possibilities.

One of my Aunts suggested the following names if Baby Z is a boy:

良 good, virtuous
豫 pleasing, comforting


良 good, virtuous
益 benefit/increase/more/good/merit/advantage

Any others suggestions?


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