16w5d world’s best husband

In anticipation of Baby Z’s gender reveal on Monday, my sweet husband treated me and Baby Z to four consecutive days of Daddy Z’s culinary skills last week!  (Note: Prior to last week, the only time of the year J cooks is on Valentine’s Day.)  He prepped, cooked, baked and cleaned.  AND everything was delicious!  (Especially since I’ve become quite the picky eater these days…)

How is that for best husband/dad in the world?  Now that I know that my husband can cook, he may not be able to get away with only setting foot in the kitchen once a year…

I was too hungry to properly take pretty pictures so the below photos don’t adequately do the food justice, but nonetheless, I present to you:

Family Z’s four day culinary extravaganza!

Day 1:  Coq au vin

Day 2:  Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin

Day 3: Eggplant parmesan

Day 4:  Crusted steak with jalapeno cream sauce (J’s own creation)

My name is Henry, and I approve this meal


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