18w4d Yummy San Francisco

J and I (and Baby Z) had an amazing weekend in San Francisco!

Even though we had to forgo the wine and the vineyards, Baby Z and I still had quite the yummy weekend!   I was so hungry during our entire trip that I think all of the major landmarks we visited can be better captured by what I ate….

1. San Francisco Ferry Building – crispy porchetta sandwich and grilled summer corn with avocado from the RoliRoti food truck.  I’m still salivating.

2. Chinatown – Lobster sauteed with scallions, ginger and garlic.  I also devoured a side helping of congee with preserved duck egg and pork.

3. Downtown San Francisco – sushi lover’s platter from Sanraku, J’s all-time favorite sushi restaurant.  Our waitress knew him by name!  Sadly, I could only eat the cooked stuff (*sob*), but everything was delicious.

4. On our way to visiting our friends who live in Stanford with their two ADORABLE little boys, I devoured this cup of deliciousness from Cow Girl Creamery.  Cheese grits with poached egg and panchetta bacon.

5.  On our way back to our hotel from Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park, we had the most amazing Thai food EVER.  Pad see ew with beef and red curry with duck from Marnee Thai.  Hands down, the best Thai food we’ve ever had – a huge compliment considering that J and I are serial Thai food junkies.

6.  Oh, and we also spent a lovely afternoon at Muir Woods!  They didn’t allow any food in there, but the majestic redwood trees were breathtaking 🙂

All in all, Baby Z and I have decided that Daddy Z is correct – we also heart San Francisco.  Good food, good weather, good friends – what’s not to love?

The only downside to our trip is that I had to fly back home by myself last night because J is on his way to London for work 😦  Have a safe business trip Dad!


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