19w2d Baby Body Update

It’s been way too long since I last updated this section of the baby blog!  Probably because I’m still in a state of denial about my (increasing) weight.

*How far along: 20 weeks!

*Gender: BOY!  We’re excited, although I feel like a hermaphrodite.

*Weight: 127.2 pounds and going up by the hour, if not by the minute.

*How I’m feeling: Overwhelmed.  I think it’s finally sinking in that I’m having a baby.  A baby that’s going to grow, speak, have a mind of its own, go to school, go off to college (fingers crossed), get married (fingers crossed) and have kids of his own (fingers crossed).  AHHHHHH.  Mainly I’m just worried about the mind of its own part.

*Cravings:  Cheese.  MOAR CHEESE.  I feel like Mickey Mouse.

*Emotions:  A little anxious this week.  I’m more than a little paranoid and worried that I haven’t been able to 100 percent identify Baby Z’s movements yet!  Is he or isn’t he kicking me during episodes of Grimm?

*Sleep:  I’m still getting up every hour on the hour to hit the bathroom!  I thought these potty breaks were supposed to get better in the second trimester!  LIES.  I’m also finding it harder and harder to sleep in on the weekends – is this my body preparing me for the next 18 years of my life?

*Belly thoughts:  My belly is getting bigger every day.  I’m dreading the day when I look down and can no longer see my toes.

*Dreams: Having some, um, indecent ones these days.  But not indecent in a good way – indecent in a way that makes me want to take a shower immediately after I wake up (again, NOT in a good way).  I’ll spare you the details.

*Thought of the week:  Damn you baby KICK ME!!

*Special Moments:  Earlier this week, when J and I were in San Francisco, I thought I felt Baby Z move for the first time and excitedly grabbed J’s hand to have him feel the kicks…turns out that I just had to fart.  REALLY loudly.  So embarrassing.


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