19w3d We have MOVEMENT!

I’m backposting this by a day because I want to document the fact that tonight (Sept 10), J and I felt our baby KICK for the first time!  Actually, make that KICKS (plural).  Baby Z was quite the ninja punching superstar (or perhaps a soccer  kicking enthusiast) around 11pm tonight.  He must have read my blog post from yesterday and realized that I’ve been complaining to the world about his laziness.

This time, there was no doubt in my mind that our little boy was giving us a few nudges in greeting.  Unlike previous flutters that I thought I’ve been experiencing, tonight I felt actual isolated pushes against my belly.  When J put his hand against my stomach, he could feel them too!  There were very light and gentle nudges, but they were definitely there all the same!  It was very cool to experience the movement both within my tummy and externally with my hand.  It was also amazing to be able to share our baby’s first movements with J right next to me!  (Or else he would have never believed me.)

Of course, now that our kid decided to make his presence known, he had to keep me up with his kicking for a good hour.  Sigh.  But that’s ok, I don’t mind!  As long as Baby Z’s kicks don’t turn into a Twilight Breaking Dawn vampire baby moment, I’m perfectly happy to have him dancing away in there.  I feel like doing a little dance myself.  Yay!


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