20w5d Baby Registry is (finally) done!

The reason why I haven’t been posting as much on here is because for the past two weeks, my life has been consumed with putting together Baby’s Z registry.

O-M-G here’s another thing that people don’t tell you about pregnancy:  PUTTING TOGETHER A BABY REGISTRY IS FREAKING STRESSFUL AND EXHAUSTING.  This was way harder than putting together our wedding registry – which was actually fun because we basically ran around Bloomingdales with the scanner gun and went crazy scanning things that we don’t actually need – such as a jade peacock decorative bowl.

NOT the case with a baby registry!  Before you can even get started, you have to figure out what it is that babies actually need.  This part is not too bad, because you can search for baby checklists online, or most baby stores (Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, etc) give you a checklist of “baby essentials” that you can refer to as you shop.  But once you have the list, you have to figure out what all the different terms mean – what’s the difference between footies and onesies?  Swaddle blankets or swaddle sacks?  Pajamas or wearable gowns?

Once you’ve got the terminology and definitions down, then the REALLY hard part is figuring out which brands and type and quantity you want of each item.  How many burp cloths do I need?  Which brand of swaddle blankets? Cotton or organic?  What kind of crib mattress?  What type of stroller?  What kind of baby monitor/humidifier/infant car seat…?


Thank god for the internet and good friends with babies.  I’ve learned the past few weeks that while it may take a village to raise a child – the same adage also applies to preparing for a child.  My friend Amanda gave me this amazing baby checklist in an excel document that she had created when she had her first child, which included her notes on the type, brand, and quantity she recommends for each item, along with her own personal experience with each item and how useful they are and their longevity (e.g. How long can you use a bassinet?  When do you need to get a highchair?).  Amazing.

In any case – it’s done (sort of)!  Yay!  This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything since we’re getting some things from friends and purchasing other things ourselves, but this is our main wish list of things for Baby Z 🙂

Family and friends – we’re registered at Buy Buy Baby (click here), and you can search for it either under my name or J’s name!  J and I (and Baby Z) thank you very, very much in advance 🙂



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