21w2d Baby Body Update

*How far along: 22 weeks!

*Gender: BOY!  (A big boy…judging from his 3D ultrasound last week, or so his Daddy wishes)

*Weight: 129.3 pounds.  Yes, I’ve gained 20+ pounds since the beginning of this journey 5 and a half months ago.

*How I’m feeling: Pretty good this week!  Headaches have subsided a little, but now I’m welcoming a whole new ache in my lower back.

*Cravings:  I’ve developed a hankering for ice cream and fruit lately.

*Emotions:  Stressed.  It’s been a pretty stressful week at work, and I have a tendency to forget to eat when I get busy so it’s been extra hard to keep reminding myself to eat something (healthy) during busy times!

*Sleep:  I realized this weekend that I need at least 8 hours of sleep a night in order to be a normal, functioning human being (esp since I’ve given up coffee for Baby Z) – how am I going to survive once Baby Z comes along and that number dwindles to, like, 8 minutes a night?!

*Belly thoughts:  I don’t think I can put off buying maternity clothes any longer.  At first I was hoping that I could get away with wearing bigger pants (since maternity pants are so expensive!), but my belly is growing way faster than my thighs (I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?).  Bigger pants may fit me around the waist, but the pant legs are so wide that I look like I’m anticipating a flood, not a baby.  Time to go shopping!

*Dreams: A ton, but I can’t seem to remember any right now!  Pregnancy brain strikes again.

*Thought of the week:  Ever since the 3D ultrasound pictures, I’ve been obsessively worrying that Baby Z’s nose looks like…a baby piglet’s 😦

*Special Moments:  I am a producer at a television station, and this weekend I was roped into being an “extra” in a live national broadcast.  It was only until I got on set that I realized that I was supposed to pose as one of the teenagers in a program about high school dropout prevention.  So if you noticed a pregnant teenager waddling across your television screen this weekend, that would be me – a high school teen cautionary tale.  Lovely.


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