25w4d Crib and Glider arrived!

Our crib and glider arrived last week, and my wonderful husband indulged my crazy nesting compulsions (aka couldn’t stand my nagging any longer) and assembled the crib this weekend, even though we’re still three months out from meeting Baby Z.

We wanted a simple, modern-looking crib with clean lines that didn’t cost a fortune.  After a ton of research, we finally settled on the Babyletto Madison 3-in-1 Convertible Crib sold at Target for $249 (although the Ikea Hensvik came in a close second – it has amazing reviews and is ridiculously affordable at only $100).  Why the Babyletto crib?  Because Mommy is vain and she likes how pretty it looks.  Babyletto just released this new crib this year, so we’re a little nervous about how it’ll hold up over time, but it looks virtually identical to its Babyletto Moto crib (and made of the same materials), which has received good reviews all around (but costs more at $389).   So far, we’ve been pretty pleased with our choice!  (Tip: If you are interested in getting the Babyletto Madison and see it in stock on Target.com, I recommend getting it immediately because it’s frequently sold out within a WEEK of restock online.  We had to wait two restocking cycles before we finally were able to purchase it.)

We also got a great deal on our Little Castle Blake Glider, which we purchased from Buy Buy Baby.  It was originally over $370, discounted to $270 and we were able to use an additional 20 percent coupon on top of it so all in all, our glider cost us less than $300 with tax – infinitely cheaper than the Dutalier Glider we were originally considering.  Plus I love how our glider looks like a nice upholstered chair rather than looking too much like a nursery chair.  It also fits nicely into the corner of Baby Z’s little room.

Next on my nursery list – wall art and photos!  Stay tuned!






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  1. Love your crib and complete sheet! We are looking into getting the same crib and I found your blog via googling this crib looking for reviews! Good to hear you are satisfied with it! I also am a fan of the complete sheets!!! I found a great semi-bumper that is new you might also like! Oliver B bedding – different, safe, and just cool! Check it out! We have 5 months to go! Good luck and thanks for the post! Molly

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