37w0d FULL TERM!

week 37Your baby’s the size of a winter melon!

Your baby is now considered “full term,” even though your due date is three weeks away. If you go into labor now, his lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb. (Some babies need a bit more time, though. So if you’re planning to have a repeat c-section, for example, your practitioner will schedule it for no earlier than 39 weeks unless there’s a medical reason to intervene earlier.)

Your baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel (like a stalk of Swiss chard). Many babies have a full head of hair at birth, with locks from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches long. But don’t be surprised if your baby’s hair isn’t the same color as yours. Dark-haired couples are sometimes thrown for a loop when their children come out as blonds or redheads, and fair-haired couples have been surprised by Elvis look-alikes. And then, of course, some babies sport only peach fuzz.

(Source: The Bump and Baby Center)

We made it!!!  Baby Z and I are considered full term today.  Yay!

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  Here’s to a fabulous 2013!  So sorry that I took a holiday hiatus from blogging; J and I spent the holidays putting the final touches on the nursery, washing all of Baby Z’s (itsy bitsy) clothes and sheets, cleaning the apartment, watching old Bond movies, and pigging out on enormous dry age porterhouse steaks at Wolfgang’s (yum).  All in all, it was a pretty nice stay-cation for us – and it was a true STAY-cation in every sense of the word, considering that I can count with one hand the number of times I left our apartment over the course of nearly 14 days.

J and I also made final plans with our families over who will be here when it’s “go time”.  Both my mother and my aunt are planning to fly here to help me and J (and Baby Z) through the first few harrowing postpartum weeks.  In traditional  Chinese practice, the month (or 30 days) after birth is called “zuo yue zi”, which literally translates to “sitting the month.”  The phrase is particularly apropos as new moms are pretty much expected to just sit around in pajamas for a month to recover from childbirth.

Sounds awesome, right?  Nope.

I’m not sure about all the details associated with these 30 days of confinement, but from what I’ve read and heard from my siblings, it’s definitely no cake walk.   Apparently I won’t be allowed to go outside, take a shower or drink cold water for an entire month, among assorted other dietary and physical restrictions.

Say WUT.

Dear Mom and Aunt:  Not to sound particularly ungrateful (because J and I are SO happy and thankful for your help), but please don’t lock me up in a tower for 30 days (literally, cuz we live on the 23rd floor of a high-rise).  And you don’t want to know what I smell like after ONE day of not showering, much less 30 freakin’ days.   Trust me on this.   Also, don’t even THINK about stopping me from binge eating raw sushi immediately, and I mean IMMEDIATELY, after Baby Z is out.  Thinking about that plate of fatty tuna is what has been keeping me going for the past 9 months.  Fatty tuna and seeing my toes again.   K THANKS 🙂

In other news, have I mentioned that J and I are almost finished with the nursery? It’s quickly becoming my favorite room in the apartment.

Here are some pictures:



2.  Henry testing out the crib.  He approves.

(P.S. Don’t worry – we washed the sheets after this pic was taken.)

photo (2)

3.  Henry testing out the glider.  He approves.

photo (3)

4.  Um, how cute is our elephant hamper?!!??

photo (1)

5.  My friend purchased this baby rattle for us, and I think it’s freaking hilarious.

photo (4)

Now all we need is a baby to come join our family!


4 responses

  1. YAY for full term! The nursery looks SO cute. I love the crib sheets! We just did the first steps to putting our nursery together (painting and our wall decal) – I’m so excited to keep adding touches to it as we wait for our little guy to arrive. We still have a few months though. I think we may have the same dresser/changing table – did you get yours at IKEA? It looks like the one we bought – but we got it in blue. Anyway, very exciting stuff!

  2. Hi! Congrats! I am currently pregnant with twins and using all the same furniture but am doing a circus them. Can you please tell me where you purchased the hamper?

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