25w5d Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming up, and as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, it’s quite possible that Baby Z will be in a costume for 364 days out of the year and I’ll dress him up as  a “normal baby” on Halloween.   Har har.

I’ve been collecting some baby costume ideas.  Here are some of my favorites:

1. Baby Wilson Volleyball

2. Baby Lobster in a Pot.  Yum!

3. Baby Gnome (I’d carry Baby Z around and take Polaroid photos) 

4. Baby Superhero.  Aww.

5. Baby Gandhi.  Haha.

6. Are you ready for this one?  Baby Honey Boo Boo!  Saw this on Ellen and it’s genius.  


7. And my personal favorite, and I’m a little sad that it may possibly be only relevant this (election) year…BINDERS FULL OF BABIES.   Someone please dress your kid up and send pics to me, so that I may live vicariously through your child.





17w1d Weekly Obsessions

Here are some boy-ish things that I’m obsessing over this week:

1.  Halloween costume inspired by the Disney-Pixar movie UP.   (J and I also did our engagement photos to UP – the opening montage gets us every time.)

2. Lion Coat.  Raaaarr.

3.  Mark my words, if Baby Z is not in an animal costume, he will be dressed as Superman.

4.  DIY obstacle course.  Genius.  This is how I’m going to sneak out for manicures.

5. My lil monkey

6.  Mustache binky.  Ha.

7.  Sweet quote.

8.  For J and Baby Z

9.  If I know my folks…this is going to be all too true.



15w5d Mommy’s Nursery Wish List

J and I are just starting to shop around for what we consider to be the essentials in baby furniture for us – or what we’re calling the BIG FOUR:
1. Crib (one that converts to a toddler’s bed as our kid grows)
2. Changing Table
3. Nursing Chair/Rocker/Glider
4. Stroller (much more needed in NYC than a car seat – esp since we don’t have a car)

No doubt about it – baby furniture is not cheap.

Pottery Barn Kids Kendall Crib in White: $399

Suffolk Rocking Chair: $535  Matching Ottoman: $297

Uppababy Vista Stroller in Cole or Carlin: $699.00

Pottery Barn Kids Kendall Dress & Changing Table Topper: $549
(Although I’d paint it a sunny yellow like the one pictured below)

Tree Top Friends Bedding Set: $220.00

Tree Book Shelf:  $850
(Way too expensive, but would love to figure out a DIY version)

Everything: Priceless ;p

15w1d Weekly Obsessions

Here are a few things that I’m obsessing over this week:

1. Turtle Baby – Ack!  So cute!!!!

2.  Beer/Baby Announcement – If only there is a way to convince J to do this with me…

3.  Pregnant Barbie – OMG.  Creepily awesome.

4. Owl Snuggle Sack – I’m obsessed with anything owl themed…

5. Ugly Puppy – This made me laugh out loud.

14w4d Babies need a lot of sh*t

So J and I started an Excel sheet to keep track of all the baby stuff we will need to purchase over the next few months to prepare for Baby Z’s arrival, and um, babies need a lot of stuff!!!  Call me naive, but I thought that all Baby Z would need is me (or more specifically, my chest) and lots of love.


Below is what I’ve compiled from various sources as the “absolute list of baby essentials”.   Right now the only thing we have checked off this list is…one baby hat.  (Hey, it’s a darn cute hat.)

I guess it’s a good thing Baby Z is not arriving until the new year; J and I need all the time we can get to prepare!

Baby Furniture and Accessories
Baby crib
Baby changer
Baby carrier or sling
Baby monitor
3 waterproof mattress covers
4 fitted cribsheets
4 light blankets that fit in the crib
Sleep sack
Diaper bag
Rattles and other baby toys
Night light

Nursing/feeding pillow
Bottles (6 to 12) – 4 oz and 8 oz
Bottle brushes (2)
Breast pump
Breast milk bags
Burping cloths

Sleeping and Play
Bouncy seat
Play mat/gym
Swaddling blankets
Wearable blankets

Bulb syringe
Digital thermometer
Baby-friendly laundry detergent
Baby nail scissors or clippers

Diaper cream
Unscented baby wipes

Baby shampoo
3 soft-hooded towels
12 washcloths, not used on baby’s bottom
1 plastic infant tub (or use a large dishpan in the sink, or take baby in the bath with you)
Baby soap or cleanser

8 undershirts or onesies (mix of short-sleeve and long-sleeve)
8 one-piece stretchy sleepers
5 nightgowns (for use until the cord falls off)
1-3 rompers or other dress-up outfits
4-7 socks or booties (shoes are unnecessary until baby walks)
1-3 hats (broad-brimmed for summer baby, soft cap that covers ears for winter baby)
2 pairs of scratch mittens, to keep baby from scratching his face

14w1d Weekly Obsessions

I haven’t started shopping for Baby Z yet because I’m determined to hold off until we find out Baby Z’s gender in 2.5 weeks, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been window shopping…

Here are just a few things that I’m obsessing over this week:

Where the Wild Things Are slippers 

Lion baby costume – although I can’t tell if it’s the costume or the baby that’s making me squeal with cuteness overload.

Piglet ensemble – I heart Winnie the Pooh

Asian baby…hat – I wants the baby and I wants the hat.  In that order.

13w6d Babies and puppies, oh my.

I hope this doesn’t come across as creepy for me to admit, but I realized today that I spend a good portion of my spare time looking at pictures of my two favorite things – puppies and babies.  (Creepy?)  J and I cannot wait for Baby Z and Henry to meet (so we can go nuts with the camera).  Holy cuteness overload!

Here are some of my favorite photos of babies and their canine buddies.  Enjoy!

And I think the below scenario would be our dog’s worst nightmare come true:

13w3d Pregnancy Announcements

So by now, J and I have told all the essential players the news of our impending arrival (i.e. grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, close friends, etc), but we still haven’t made the news truly public yet.  And by truly public, I mean Facebook public.  I can’t decide whether or not I want to announce our pregnancy on Facebook – what’s the point if all of the important people already know?  J is leaving the decision in my hands – he’s fiercely private online and doesn’t believe in sharing too much information out in cyberspace.  (I obviously have no such problem…hello this baby blog!)

In any case, I’ve been casually browsing Pinterest for ideas on pregnancy announcements, and here are some adorable ones that I love:


Love this if Baby Z had a big sister:

And this is my favorite post-pregnancy-hello-baby announcement:

But ultimately, while the above ideas are cute and all, they are definitely not as classy as this one:

What do you think Baby Z, should Mommy get you tattooed on her belly and announce you to the world?

12w6d morph baby

It’s been a slow morning at work, so I thought I would, oh I don’t know, play around on morphthing.com and see what Baby Z may look like if I combined my face with J’s…

The results are not for the faint of heart.

Eerily, the toddler girl does look a bit like me when I was little.  Scary…

What’s your vote?  Which one do you think looks most like future Baby Z?