27w5d (BO)bama

Yesterday President Obama won a second term as President of the US (duh) over Mitt Romney.  J and I both work near Democracy Plaza, so we were able to witness some of the excitement first-hand.

Without getting too much into our personal political beliefs, we’re just excited to see more of First Dog, BO OBAMA for the next four years!   Maybe because Bo bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain spoiled First Dog in the Z family….

It just occurred to me that Obama will be the first U.S. President in Baby Z’s life.  Maybe he will be sworn in again on the same day as Baby Z’s arrival – hey, it can happen!

Here’s to new beginnings!


27w4d Hurricane Sandy

It has been a long week for the Z fam.   As you all know, last week, Hurricane Sandy hit Northeastern US, with particularly severe damage in New Jersey and New York.  The storm surge from Hurricane Sandy hit New York City last Monday evening (Oct 29), flooding streets and subway lines and cutting power in and around the city.

Since J and I live right on Wall Street in the Financial District, which is located at the tip of Manhattan surrounded by the East River and the Hudson River, we were one of the first places in Manhattan hit with the storm surge and to lose power and water.

Moreover, we live on the 23rd floor of a highrise building, so we couldn’t easily move in and out of our building to get supplies, charge our batteries, walk Henry, etc.  There was also no way Baby Z and I were going to ever make it up 23 flights of stairs.

Essentially, we were Rapunzels trapped in a tower, minus the hair.

So for three days, the four of us (J, Henry, Baby Z and I) went to bed and rose with the sun.  We carefully laid out potty pads for Henry in the hallway (which he refused to use), rationed out our cereal, and scooped water from the bathtub with a pail to wash our hands.  It was all very colonial, except that we had a (useless) dog instead of a cow.

This was our nightly view of each other.

On the third day, just as we were about to sew and spin our own clothes and braid each other’s hair, J’s company came to our rescue and put all of us up in a hotel in midtown Manhattan.  RESCUED!

After climbing down 23 flights of stairs with a duffle bag and a handicapped dog, we finally felt the sun on our face for the first time in what felt like years.  Outside, we were greeted by unfamiliar scenes of flooding, large trucks pumping out water from building basements, mobile charging vans, and trash bins filled with tap water for people to use.

We spent three blissful nights at the midtown hotel – where we learned to never take hot showers for granted ever again – and finally moved back to our apartment on Sunday, when we were told that our electricity and water have both been restored to our building.  I don’t think anyone was more grateful to be home than this little guy, who crashed for nearly 12 hours straight after we came home.  Poor Henry.

All things considered though, we count ourselves as among the tremendously lucky!  We just found out that our neighbors who live only a couple of blocks away from us will be displaced from their apartment for at least another 2-3 MONTHS due to flooding and oil contamination in their building.  Crazy.  Another one of our friends went into labor during the hurricane!  (Mom and baby are both doing fine, thank goodness.)

Our hearts go out to the thousands of people still without power, without homes, and without loved ones throughout the Northeast region.