12w0d Superhero Z

Baby is the size of a peach!

Fingerprints have formed on your baby’s tiny fingertips, her veins and organs are clearly visible through her still-thin skin, and her body is starting to catch up with her head — which makes up just a third of her body size now. If you’re having a girl, she now has more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries. Your baby is almost 3 inches long (the size of a medium shrimp) and weighs nearly an ounce.

(Source: BabyCenter)

Baby Z is 13 weeks old today!  Yay!  This is the last week of my first trimester – I can hardly believe it.   Soon, Baby Z will be going PUBLIC!  J and I are celebrating tonight by going to the opening of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.   Just kidding – I think J bought these movie tickets months ago, before we even attempted to make Baby Z.  J has been acting like a kid on Christmas Eve this entire week – he has reminded me at least three times in the last 24 hours to leave work a little earlier today so that we can get to the theater early.   What’s with boys and comic book superheroes?

All I know is that if Baby Z were to  have any superpowers or become any superhero, the last one I would want him/her to be is Batman.  Um, hello, our baby would have to live in a bat infested cave and walk around in an awkwardly tight bat-themed costume that serves zero purpose because guess what?  Batman has no superpowers whatsoever!  Batman is basically Inspector Gadget plus some random martial arts moves.  At least Iron Man has a really cool high-tech robot suit.

No, I wouldn’t want our baby to be Batman.  Maybe Superman?  At least Superman can fly and has awesome hearing and x-ray vision.  But he’s got that noble idiocy thing going on, where he’s always trying to do the right thing, except usually in the most stupid, illogical way possible.  I think WB’s Smallville really ruined me of all good-feelings toward Superman.

Spiderman?  He can hang upside down, shoot web-thingys out of his hands, and he’s kind of dorky-hot.  But he’s too dorky to ever get the girl and he’s always broke…so, no.  I don’t want Baby Z to live at home until he’s 180, even if he’s battling evil as his day job.

Green Lantern?  Goofy outfit and even goofier plot line with the lantern and My Precious.

Wolverine?  No, too violent and unpredictable.

The Hulk?  Too green.

What about women superheroes?

Catwoman?  Evil and…catty.

Jean Grey?  I’ll admit the mind-reading thing is pretty cool, but I swear, the girl spends long periods of time either dead or missing…and the Dark Phoenix thing is a little creepy.

Black Canary?  Her supersonic scream to shout her enemies to submission is just blatantly sexist and offensive.

Wonder Woman?  She’s probably the closest to what I’d want Baby Z to be – minus the whole noble idiocy thing.

I think the bottom line is:  I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this, and clearly, J has forced me to watch more superhero movies than I care to admit.   Also, our baby doesn’t need to be a superhero to be super loved and super awesome.  Don’t be hero, son!  

One last note:  The Dark Knight Rises was filmed right outside of our apartment last year!  J and I (and Henry) have pictures with the Batmobile.  Although I’ll admit, when I first saw all the “Gotham Police” trucks out on Wall Street last year, I had to ask J why NYPD decided to change its name…

Can’t wait for tonight!