25w5d Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming up, and as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, it’s quite possible that Baby Z will be in a costume for 364 days out of the year and I’ll dress him up as  a “normal baby” on Halloween.   Har har.

I’ve been collecting some baby costume ideas.  Here are some of my favorites:

1. Baby Wilson Volleyball

2. Baby Lobster in a Pot.  Yum!

3. Baby Gnome (I’d carry Baby Z around and take Polaroid photos) 

4. Baby Superhero.  Aww.

5. Baby Gandhi.  Haha.

6. Are you ready for this one?  Baby Honey Boo Boo!  Saw this on Ellen and it’s genius.  


7. And my personal favorite, and I’m a little sad that it may possibly be only relevant this (election) year…BINDERS FULL OF BABIES.   Someone please dress your kid up and send pics to me, so that I may live vicariously through your child.





11w3d baby animal costumes

I’m obsessed with these baby animal costumes by Tom Arma.  Aren’t they adorable?!!?

There’s a very good chance that Baby Z is going to come straight out of my womb and into a monkey costume.  When we got Henry, one of deals I made with J was that I would never put our dog in a costume.  Well, I’ve learned my lesson.  I’m making no such deal with Baby Z!   I may put our baby in an animal costume every day of the year except Halloween, when Baby Z can dress up as a “normal baby”.

*rub hands with glee*