9w2d Fetal Heart Monitor

Our next ultrasound is not until July 23 (ironically or not-so-ironically, it’s also my birthday) – and I’m already driving myself a little crazy counting down the minutes until I can see Baby Z’s heartbeat again.

After some digging on the internet, I think I’m going to give in to my paranoia and rent a baby doppler monitor.  For people who don’t know what that is (because I sure as hell didn’t before embarking on this pregnancy ride), a fetal doppler monitor is basically a small device that works like an ultrasound.  It detects your baby’s heartbeat and turns it into a sound that you can hear.  But these monitors are pretty expensive to purchase, and obviously, you’re not going to be pregnant all the time so you don’t need to keep one around forever.  So lots of people opt to rent these machines for a one, two, or a few months so that you can monitor your baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of your own home/bed/couch.  (The peeps who came up with this idea are GENIUSES)

These seem to be the top four sites that people rent from:


A good article to read before deciding whether or not to rent one: http://www.livestrong.com/article/31634-rent-fetal-doppler-monitor/

I think I’m going to rent a very basic one for a couple of months, or until I can start feeling Baby Z doing somersaults in my belly.  Because I’m tired of looking at my oh-so-very-slightly-rounded-belly and wondering whether or not I’m having a child or just had one too many burritos at Chipotle.