11w5d 2nd prenatal visit

J and I just returned from our second prenatal visit with our doctor, and to our immense relief, we received lots of great news!

First, all my blood work from our last visit came back normal and I tested negative for infections and diseases.  I also found out that I have an O+ positive blood type!  (Who knew?)  O+ is the most common blood type, and people who are part of the O blood group are also universal donors, which means I can donate blood to anyone but can only receive blood from people also in the O group.  That doesn’t sound very fair.

More importantly, we saw Baby Z again!  This time, we didn’t have to do a transvaginal ultrasound because Baby Z is now big enough to picked up by an ultrasound directly on my belly.  The first thing J said when our doctor put the transducer on my belly was, “Holy crap, that’s a head!”

It was incredible.  The last time we saw Baby Z he was barely a speck in my womb, but now Baby Z has a clearly defined head and body!  We even saw Baby Z’s hands flutter and his legs kick when the doctor pushed the sensor a little harder.  I guess Baby Z is already ticklish, just like his Mom and Dad.  Our doctor also told us that Baby Z’s heartbeat is measuring at somewhere between 140-150 bpm, which is a little faster than his heart was beating four weeks ago!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to take any pictures of the ultrasound because the screens at our OB’s office aren’t very clear or very large.  But we’ll definitely get photos of Baby Z next Monday when we head back to the state-of-the-art imaging center again so that we can screen Baby Z for Down syndrome by looking at his nuchal translucency (the skin at the back of the fetus’ neck).

Until then, check out this cool image of a real baby at 12 weeks.  Baby Z, is this what you look like inside Mommy’s belly right now?