13w0d hello second trimester!

Week 14: your baby’s the size of a lemon!

Your adorable little fetus is busy with thumb sucking, toe wiggling, (not so cute but equally amazing) making urine, and breathing amniotic fluid as the liver, kidneys, and spleen continue to develop. Lanugo (thin, downy hair) is growing all over her body for warmth.  (Source: The Bump)

For Mom, the start of the second trimester often means less queasiness and more energy. And you’re probably peeing less and showing more. Certain symptoms may persist (such as heartburn and constipation) and others may pop up for the first time. Don’t be surprised if you’re congested (you may even snore!) or mildly swollen around the ankles and feet. And be prepared for sensitive gums, leg cramps, dizziness, and an increased appetite. Other possible pregnancy symptoms include skin changes, achiness in the lower abdomen, and varicose veins and/or hemorrhoids. All are perfectly normal and temporary — and so are feelings of apprehension, irritability, forgetfulness, and frustration at looking positively plump but not definitively pregnant.  (Source: What to Expect)

Last night was one of the roughest nights I’ve experienced since becoming pregnant.  I felt a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen that persisted throughout the entire night.  Needless to say, I didn’t get very much sleep.  I called my OB’s office in a panic this morning, and was sent directly to the clinic ASAP to check out the pain.  My doctor did an ultrasound of the pained area (while I snuck another peak at Baby Z – he/she looked super cute, as usual), but unfortunately, she couldn’t immediate diagnose what was causing me so much discomfort.

*Side note:  Our doctor asked me to give her my pain level on a scale from 1-10.  1 being that I felt “as fit as can be”, and 10 being that I felt “completely unbearable and it’s end of the world.”  LOL wut.  Ok, so I was obviously not a 1, but definitely not a 10 either.  A 5 seemed too…average, and a 8 seemed high as well if a 10 was considered the end of the world.  Geez.  What kind of messed up scale was this?!  I told her I was at a 6 for pain.  That seems a little above average, right?  I don’t know.

My doctor (and my) biggest fear was that it was appendicitis, since I would need to have immediate surgery.  But I was not experiencing any of other symptoms of appendicitis, such as fever, nausea, vomiting, or loss of appetite, so we were back at square one. She decided to take some blood to check my white blood cell count (which would be high if I had appendicitis), and sent me immediately to a radiology/ultrasound clinic to get a better look at my abdomen.

One cab ride, two panicked calls to J, and two hours of waiting later, I was finally seen by an ultrasound technician and a radiologist.  They did an ultrasound on my abdomen, and thank god, determined that I did not have appendicitis.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that there is a small cyst on my ovary – which apparently is very, very common among women.  Most likely, this is what may be causing me pain.  Alternatively, it can simply be my ligaments stretching as Baby Z grows.  I’m supposed to keep monitoring my pain level and if it persists, then I’ll have to consult with my doctors again on Monday and reassess.

Sigh.  I feel like pulling a Nancy Kerrigan and crying to the heavens, “WHYYYYY ME?!?”

At least it’s not appendicitis.  At least it’s not appendicitis.